Project Purple

What is Project Purple?

Project Purple is a group of people who write free software and we've created this site essentially as a means of distributing our software. Some of Project Purple's work includes repackaging rpms or making rpms of software which hasn't been packaged before.

There are several advantages of coding with "Project Purple"

All of these should lead to better software. Well that's the idea. I just think it's quite cool to let other people look at your code before you release it.

Project Purple is therefore very much tied up in the Open Source idea of development. Probably since our founding member (Jonathan McDowell) has been using linux for some time now as have most of us.

Who are Project Purple?

So far the members of Project Purple are:


Here is a list of software that has been written or packaged for Project Purple
AutoDNS Email configuration of secondary DNS Perl Jonathan McDowell
Biomorphs Evolve your own tree Java Toby Jaffey
Cat DIR replacement DOS Jonathan McDowell
CD Changer patch for autofsLinux Toby Jaffey
dgb A guestbook CGI Perl Dominic Hargreaves
Do this A simple customisable panel Linux (GTK) Toby Jaffey
Drawtool Vector graphics created with scripts or the mouse, viewable as Postscript, bitmaps and in X. Includes a sample logo interpreter. Linux (GTK) Toby Jaffey
Droplet Drag and click to drop ripple patterns onto a canvas. Linux (GTK) Toby Jaffey
DSG Disk Space Guage DOS Jonathan McDowell
Fireworks A mini fireworks display in ncurses Linux Toby Jaffey
gg A graphical guestbook for the web Java and PHP3 Toby Jaffey
Floating Head Displays a floating head around the screen. Linux Toby Jaffey
Hex A Puzzle Bobble clone. Linux (GTK) Toby Jaffey Tagline and sig adder based on Huggietag Perl Simon Huggins
Huggietag Tagline and sig adder UNIX (DOS with a little work) Simon Huggins
KeybUK keyb uk replacement (about 256 bytes) DOS Jonathan McDowell
mediadbs A digital media database system Perl/php Dominic Hargreaves
Missile A Missile Command clone. Linux (GTK) Toby Jaffey
Muse A complete web based mp3 streaming system for icecast. Unix, Perl and PHP3 Toby Jaffey
NCPicView NCurses Picture Viewer Linux Toby Jaffey
NetStats JAM stats generator DOS Jonathan McDowell
Nibbles A Nibbles in NCurses clone. Linux Toby Jaffey
onak OpenPGP keyserver. Unix Jonathan McDowell
PackPrint Pretty ethernet packet printer. Linux Mike Ricketts
pppctl A suite of programs for managing a PPP connection. UNIX Jonathan McDowell
Quick Button Graphical program launcher Linux (GTK) Toby Jaffey
SendIP Command line tool to allow sending arbitrary IP packets. Linux/*BSD Mike Ricketts
sersniff A program for tunneling/sniffing between 2 serial ports. UNIX Jonathan McDowell
sortdu Small perl script to sort du -sh output Linux (well UNIX + perl) Simon Huggins
Squidge Client/Server "game" - ability for AI clients Linux Toby Jaffey
Ski Console skiing game Linux Toby Jaffey
seatris A curses based tetris clone Unix Jonathan McDowell
tape2mp3 Program for splitting large wav files into tracks Anything with libsndfile (tested on GNU/Linux) Toby Jaffey
vmlm Mailing List Manager. Anything with Ruby/TMail Jonathan McDowell

Debian Packages

Some of these programs have been packaged for Debian. There is an apt-gettable archive which can be accessed by adding:

deb /
to your sources.list file. These packages are all built against the stable distribution (currently Potato). At the moment there are only a few packages there - if you want something in particular done then email us.

Future Projects

We are always open to suggestions. Contact us at

As well as improvements in our current software, here is a list of potential projects which may or may not happen in the future:
Addressbook in XML David is going to write an addressbook based around XMLscript. David Ball
Anemometer Toby plans to create a low cost scientific instrument that can be used by individuals or in schools. Toby Jaffey
ParcelTape Jonathan is in the process of writing a Fidonet mail tosser for Linux. Jonathan McDowell
Fetchmail hack I am hoping to write a clean hack to fetchmail which will allow people over slow links like modems to select which messages they download according to rules specified in an rc file. Simon Huggins
Logo interpreter Toby is going to fix his logo interpreter for drawtool. Toby Jaffey


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