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AddressBook is a console based addressbook program, with a flexible record structure.

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You can't, I haven't finished writing it yet.


Nothing particularly special - you can add records, display records by specifying fields to match, and edit and delete records.

Each record contains a number of fields, and for most fields there is no limit on the number of times that field can occur. For example, each record can contain as many telephone numbers (each with a description) as necessary.

Background and Future

The idea for this was suggested by Jonathan McDowell, on the grassy knoll at Nottingham. It is currently being written using an XML database to store the data, and an X-Tract XML Script to process it. This talks to a C front end (written using ncurses) via a TCP socket.

However, this is a mess and it will be rewritten entirely in C as soon as I have finished the XML version.


There is none. But there will be.


Definately none of these.


AddressBook will probably be distributed under the GNU General Public Licence if it is ever in a state to be distributed. It is written by David Ball.

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