Project Purple


This is a simple guestbook CGI script written in perl. It stores entries in a flat text file and dynamically generates the pages (unlike another common guestbook) so it can be quite flexible.


Installation instructions

Please see the README file for instructions.



0.2.0: Initial public release
  - Made email sending optional
  - Fixed bug where user could insert the field separator maliciously
  - Updated README to include GPL stuff
  - Made 'home' link configurable


dgb is distributed according to the GNU General Public Licence and was written by Dominic Hargreaves.


I am currently rewriting bits to make sure that it works with mod_perl, and to provide a more flexible data mechanism (that could support the current plain text file, dbm files, and SQL databases, for example). Hopefully this should be released in the summer of 2002, after Finals are out of the way and I have a chance to do all the other things I've been meaning to.

Mon Feb 4 12:51:09 GMT 2002

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