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mediadbs is a project that aims to produce a flexible database system for tracking and searching for multiple forms of electronic media (eg mp3, divx, ogg) distributed on multiple servers in a local network. It currently only supports mp3 format files.

There is also a Sourceforge summary and homepage.

Release status

This is still alpha-quality software. Test it and fix bugs. YKYWT.



There is an announcement mailing list that you can subscribe to.


0.04 (27/07/2002)
- Split up PHP into multiple scripts
- Fixed more bugs with updatedb
- Added album support
- Updated documentation

0.03 (13/03/2001)

- Fixed db-init.sql
- Fixed misc bugs.

0.02 (04/02/2001)

- Initial public release


mediadbs is distributed according to the GNU General Public Licence and was written by Dominic Hargreaves.

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