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A web based streamer for icecast

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Muse is a complete web based playlist manager for icecast released and written under the GPL. It uses a single php3 web page, a perl playlist manager and a file streamer written by me.

Muse allows users to add, remove randomise and request tracks using a web interface. Two playlists are used. The main list cycles infinitely. However, users can request tracks for the request list, which will be played before any new main list tracks.

Muse can also be used away from the web through the (rather rudimentary) perl interface. Commands include add, remove, list, listnow, skip, randomise and info.

A complete setup consists of many independent parts. Icecast sits in the middle accepting connections from user clients such as xmms, mpg123 and winamp as well as streaming clients such as streamer and shout. Httpd accepts connections from users, it runs the php3 interface which in turn executes the perl playlist manager. This edits playlist files and sends signals to streamer which is permanently connected to icecast.


muse is distributed according to the GNU General Public Licence and was written by Toby Jaffey.


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