Simon Huggins

Simon Huggins is doing Economics and French (spot the odd one out) at Nottingham university and hacking for Project Purple in his spare time.


Here is a list of software that has been written by Simon Huggins for Project Purple
Htag Tagline and sig adder based on Huggietag Perl
Huggietag Tagline and sig adder
(This is now no longer developed. But the code might interest someone. Look at the perl version above too though)
UNIX (DOS with a little work)
sortdu Small perl script to sort du -sh output (i.e. adding up filesizes) du + Perl

Future Projects

Filtermail - I have written the successor to fetchmail (no really :)). Well ok, maybe not but it is a POP3 client which will forward to port 25 locally. It will filter your mail at the server i.e. before it is downloaded which will allow people over slow links like modems to select which messages they download according to rules specified in files.

If you like testing software and would love to filter stuff at the pop server before it gets to you then please download it. There is no documentation yet though but email me and tell me to release it if you like it or tell me what you want in a POP3 client.

Adding IMAP support should be fairly easy and since the protocol is nicer than POP3 should allow for even better filtering.

psh - I have been involved in the development of a perl shell. It will be really cool and useful shell I think. This isn't a Project Purple project though. Go get it and send patches :)

Random stuff


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