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vmlm is a user configurable mailing list manager. It's intended to be similar to ezmlm or courier-mlm, but isn't tied to any particular MTA. vmlm is written in Ruby and uses the TMail module - it should run anywhere these two can be found; Linux and NT are both known to work.

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vmlm is yet another implementation of a mailing list manager. It came about as a desire to have something similar to ezmlm or courier-mlm that would run under Exim. No other mlm appeared to be available at the time that would allow a normal users to configure and run their own mailing lists from a single installation of the software on a machine. Also nothing else seemed to be available that could cope with virtual domains nicely, again from a single installation of the software. Since I began writing it Enemies of Carlotta has appeared, which seems to have similar aims.



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vmlm is distributed according to the GNU General Public Licence and was written by Jonathan McDowell.


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