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sersniff is a simple program to tunnel/sniff between 2 serial ports. The current version is 0.0.5

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This program was written to aid me with the decoding of the protocol used by the Nokia 9000i Communicator to talk to the NServer software Nokia provides, which only runs under Windows. Having hastily thrown together the code to do what I needed it occured to me that others may have a use for something similiar and that having a skeleton available may help.

This version adds the ability to change the ports to use and the baud rate to use. It also has support for sniffing a TCP connection or between a serial port and a TCP port.

I feel that the concept could be taken a lot further, with various filters and so on being constructed (given a framework in which to construct them) similiar to that available with ethernet sniffers. This could aid with the disassembly of unknown protocols over serial lines or even for debugging serial connections. Maybe I'll write this code someday, maybe not. Maybe someone else will and will send me a patch. :)


sersniff is distributed according to the GNU General Public Licence and was written by Jonathan McDowell.


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