I love cryptic crosswords.
I just really enjoy the mix of invention and rule following that leads to some remarkably funny clues.

Unfortunately for the general public I have tried to set some! I first set a crossword in March 2016 and my first is pretty terrible but they have improved over time.

My crosswords

But what are cryptic crosswords?

Well lots of people will tell you how to solve them and what they are but I may have (twice now) talked about what they are in a lightning talk. A lightning talk lasts for exactly 5 minutes and the slides autorotate so you get 15 seconds per slide.

Why shufgy

I use shufgy as my handle on various social media so thought I'd use it as my pseudonym for setting.

It all stems from a friend of a friend (Hi Gill!) I met at university who got a bit tipsy, logged on to IRC and was trying to type huggie and somehow ended up typing shufgy. It seemed unique at the time and I used it as an alternative username when huggie was taken and then just started using it most places.