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Crossword 4 - May 2020

My fourth crossword was produced during lockdown. I found it tough to be in the right mood for clue writing at first but persevered and ended up with this.

PDF of crossword 4

Click the blacked out text for answers and reasoning or hit to reveal it all!

Please do give me feedback via on mastodon or email if you hate it, like it, dislike a particular clue etc. I'm very interested in what people think so I can try and improve.

8 Bleach tea? Eliot was troubled (8) ETIOLATE (TEA ELIOT)* "troubled" as an anagram indicator
9 Puff piece in time to publish (5) PRINT PR [puff piece] IN T [time]
10 Bacon from butcher’s Pekingese (4) SPEK Hidden answer in butcher's Pekingese
11 Pine over German book on last pair of Schmidt’s machines (10) TREBUCHETS An envelope [over] of TREE [pine] around BUCH [Geman for book] with last two letters of Schmidt's for seige machines
14 Suspension of a Turkish governor losing head at ball (8) ABEYANCE Charade of A BEY [Turkish governor] dANCE losing its head (first letter)
15 Current short story about island (7) THERMAL Envelope of TALe without its last letter [short story] around HERM [a channel island]
17 Team takes lesson about quiet creatures (7) SPIDERS SIDE [team] with RS [religious studies; a lesson] about P [quiet]
20, 24d, 12 Old fellow with firm criticises college before university of life (6,2,4,6) SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS O [old] F [Fellow] HARD [firm] KNOCKS [criticises] with SCHOOL [college] before it all
22 Infer journalist involved with leader in Rome (6) DEDUCE ED [crossword's favourite journalist] in [involved with] DUCE [Italian leader e.g. Mussolini]
23 Amateurs wielded these for first match with scorecard confusingly (10) CAMCORDERS (SCORECARD M)* An anagram [confusingly] of M [first match] and SCORECARD
24 Room delivered loot (4) HAUL If you say hall outloud [delivered] it sounds like HAUL
25 A few trees manage to surround first sycamore (5) COPSE COPE [manage] surrounding S [first letter of sycamore]
26 Hard left keep you near toilet! (3,5) THE TROTS Double definition: Hard left could be THE TROTS and diarrohea would keep you near the toilet
1 In a tight spot put a pin in at church (2,1,5) AT A PINCH Charade of A PIN in AT CH [church]
2 Black’s 20 pitch (4) ROCK Jack Black was in school of [20] ROCK
3 Company down under gives Queen and worker top marks (6) QANTAS Charade of Q [Queen] ANT [worker] "As" [top marks]
4 Interstate: Democrat taken in by price initially rallies against loss (7) FEDERAL FEE [price] taking in D [democrat] then first letters of Rallies Against Loss
5 Tidy tree at university (6,2) SPRUCE UP SPRUCE [tree] UP [at university]
6 Overbearing at bank robbery perhaps? (4-6) HIGH-HANDED Cryptic definition: If you're in a bank whilst it's being robbed they might tell you to "Stick 'em up" so you'd be HIGH-HANDED which is also overbearing. (stop groaning in the back there!)
7 At rest enthusiast missed fantastic explosion (6) STATIC fan(TASTIC)* An anagram of TASTIC which is FAN [enthusiast] taken off FANTASTIC
13 Double vehicle good for French policeman and bobby at last (6,4) CARBON COPY CAR [vehicle] BON [good in French] COP [policeman] Y [bobbY's last letter]
16 Cause of irritation to everyone with right gene therapy (8) ALLERGEN ALL [everyone] (R GENE)* An anagram [therapy] of R [right] with GENE
18 Curate’s mad to take Queen’s equipment for games (8) RACQUETS (CURATES Q)* An anagram of CURATE'S with Q [queen]
19 Performs about very loud piece of exhibition with results (7) AFFECTS ACTS [performs] around FF [very loud] and the first letter of Exhibition
21 Try lane in London without lines (6) CHANCE CHANCE[ry] lane without RY [railway; lines]
22 Served lost woman first (6) DISHED DI [woman first] SHED [lost]