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Crossword 3 - July 2018

My third crossword has a theme!

PDF of crossword 3

Click the blacked out text for answers and reasoning or hit to reveal it all!

Theme: It's a crossword about Reading, Berkshire, UK including READING, ABBEY, HUNTLEY AND PALMERS, SIMONDS, GAOL, HENRY I and SUTTON SEEDS.

Please do give me feedback via on mastodon or email if you hate it, like it, dislike a particular clue etc. I'm very interested in what people think so I can try and improve.

1 Boy takes to heart a noise shown on instrument (7) READING REG [boy] with A DIN [a noise] inside it for something shown on an instrument. Also the town in Berkshire that is the theme of this puzzle
5 Blackfly and greenfly, say, put skin inside caps with no head (7) APHIDES HIDE [skin] inside cAPS [caps without its first letter]
9 After dark get beat here? (9) NIGHTCLUB NIGHT [after dark] CLUB [beat] and an &lit definition
10 Console about obese organs (5) NOSES NES [Nintendo Entertainment System] around OS [outsize; obese]
11 Oils mixed in grain store (4) SILO (OILS)* An anagram of OILS [mixed]
12 Rating left inside on bike fit for another purpose (10) RECYCLABLE RE [on] CYCLE [bike] with AB [able seaman; rating] L [left] inside it
14 Tuts about side of borough in London (6) SUTTON (TUTS)* An anagram [about] of TUTS with ON [side; a cricket thing - don't ask me]
15 Note catch following clear, coy bird on 22 (6) CYGNET G [a note] NET [catch] all following CY [CoY cleared of its middle letter]. There are lots of swans and cygnets on the ISIS (22) or Thames.
16 Quietly expert runs empty old trains (6) PACERS P [quietly] ACE [expert] RS [RunS emptied]. Pacer trains
18 He built province around railway and was buried in 1a, 5d (5,1) HENRY I HE NI [province] around RY [railway]. Henry I gave lots of money to Reading Abbey and was buried there.
20 Actress confuses canal borough (10) LANCASHIRE (CANAL)* An anagram of canal [confuses] with SHIRE [borough]. The most excellent Sarah Lancashire
22 Flower repeatedly exists (4) ISIS IS [exists] repeated. Not a flower (daisy) a flower (river)! The Thames that passes through Reading is known as the ISIS further upstream.
25 Mushroom back in eastern surrounding: “Adequate” (5) ENOKI IN E [Eastern] all back for ENI surrounding OK [adequate]
26 National dish I eat outside dwindles (9) TAIWANESE (I EAT)* An anagram of I eat around WANES [dwindles]
27 This man clears drays at old brewery in 1a (7) SIMONDS SIMON [this man; your setter is called Simon] DS [clears DrayS] for Simonds Brewery
28 Operating system causes problem with air loss (7) SOLARIS (AIR LOSS)* An anagram [causes problem] of air loss for an old operating system
1 Scrapes top away leaving hard edges (5) RINDS gRINDS [first letter off grinds for rinds]
2 Is poet divine being or French? (7) ANGELOU ANGEL [divine being] OU [or in French]
3 Kinky? Not I! Just interested in it (4) INTO (NOT I)* An anagram [kinky] of Not I!
4 No Spanish article on delay bringing up old boat (7) GALLEON NO EL [spanish article] LAG all backwars [up]
5 Babe confused by unknown place of worship (5) ABBEY (BABE)* An anagram of Babe by Y [unknown variable in maths]. Reading abbey fits the theme and is mentioned in 18.
6, 16 Let man handle syrup to become biscuit producer (7,3,7) HUNTLEY AND PALMERS (LET MAN HANDLE SYRUP)* An anagram [to become] of let man handle syrup for Reading's most famous biscuit maker
7 Cacophony about getting bust out! It’s a trashy place (7) DUSTBIN DIN [cacophony] around (BUST)* An anagram of bust.
8 Good person taking in American muscle is wanted man (7) SUSPECT ST [saint; good person] around AM [american] PEC [muscle]
13 A-list tax for icon not caught in hunger (10) STARVATION STAR VAT [a-list tax] ION [IcON without C caught]
17 Comply with petition after tied council up (7) CONFORM FORM [petition] after NOC [no overall control - often found in UK council elections for a tie]
18 A shiner turns into protrusions (7) HERNIAS (A SHINER))* An anagram [turns] of a shiner.
19 Best thing to say for an easy life? (3,4) YES DEAR (not very) Cryptic definition
21 African group shelter American (5) HUTUS HUT [shelter] US [American]
23 14 sold, 500 to go in supermarket “eggcellent” Easter sale initially (5) SEEDS D [500 in roman numerals] to go inside Supermarket Eggcellent Easter Sale [initially]. The seeds of Sutton's seeds another old Reading business.
24 Unlikely to find Oscar in young woman here in 1a? (4) GAOL GAL [young woman] with O [Oscar] and an &lit-tish allusion to Oscar Wilde's time in Reading Gaol.