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Crossword 6 - January 2024

It's been a while and I've meant to set one but not got around to it. This has a theme too

PDF of crossword 6

Click the blacked out text for answers and reasoning or hit to reveal it all!

Please do give me feedback via on mastodon or email if you hate it, like it, dislike a particular clue etc. I'm very interested in what people think so I can try and improve.

8 More fulfilling to listen to river flow around Ascot, say. (8) HEARTIER HEAR [listen] R [river] around TIE [Ascot can be a tie]
9 Birds without top reasoning rue seconds (6) EGRETS (R)EGRET [rue] without the R [the first letter of reasoning] with S [seconds]
10 Idiot in pedalo oneself! (4) LOON Hidden answer [in] pedalo oneself
12 Bird takes guacamole ingredient without trouble on film (6) AVOCET AVOC(ADO) [guacamole ingredient] without ADO [trouble] with the classic crossword film ET
14 Some birds need these to roll in the air! (8) AILERONS Cryptic definition. They are the flaps on an airplane (bird)
15 Bunting is twisted right with tool by topless man (7) ORTOLAN Anagram [twisted] of (R [right] TOOL)* with (M)AN [topless man]
17,11 Bird all of a flutter: scoter left patchy top of duckpond (7,10) SPOTTED FLYCATCHER Anagram [all of a flutter] of (SCOTER LEFT PATCHY D [top of duckpond])*
20 Supports trouble one turned over in this city (8) BRASILIA BRAS [supports] (AIL [trouble] I [one])< all backwards [turned over]
22 Wader is dry without litre over top of wellington (6) CURLEW CURE [dry] around L [litre] with W [top of wellington]
23 Splitting up and feeling something (6,4) COMING AWAY Double definition. Second as in coming away confused.
25 German cake was heartlessly taken! (6) STOLEN STO(L)LEN without its middle letter [hearlessly]. The classic pun!
26 Pries around luggage finding picnic containers for horses (8) NOSEBAGS NOSES [pries] around BAG [luggage]
1 Turntable is elaborate in fancy car (8) REVOLVER EVOLVE [ELABORATE as a verb] in RR [Rolls Royce, a fancy car]
2 Leftmost elevator removed from newer building for architect (4) WREN Anagram [building] of NEW(E)R with E [leftmost elevator] removed. Christopher Wren is an architect but a wren is also a cute little bird.
3 Pretty young lady overheard oddball (6) MISFIT Miss Fit might be a pretty young lady you might hear
4, 24a Old football partner with backside is pretty bird (4,7) GREY WAGTAIL GREY [old] WAG [wife and girlfriend; football partner] TAIL [backside]
5 "Fear plot!" confused at the speed of computer (8) TERAFLOP Anagram [confused] of (FEAR PLOT)* for a unit of floating point operations per second
6 Scottish prosecutor for museum official (10) PROCURATOR PRO [for] CURATOR [museum official]. Scottish prosecutors are procurators fiscal
7 Scattered 25a replaced backing band with half reward. (6) STREWN STOLEN (from 25a) without ELO backwards [backing band replaced] with REW instead [half of reward]
13 Birds angry with Gates and Clinton? (10) CROSSBILLS CROSS [angry] BILLS [Bill Gates and Bill Clinton]
16 Claiming to be gal mixed up with stand up guy (8) ALLEGING Anagram [mixed up] of (GAL)* around LEGIN [Nigel backwards, guy standing up in this down clue]
18 Design Venn central circle late in the days (8) EVENINGS Anagram [circle] (ESIGN VEN)* [the central letters of design venn]
19 Air squadrons increase in size first: it's a rarity! (7) WAXWING WAX [increase like the moon does first] WING [a term for multiple air squadrons] for the rare (in the UK) bird
21 Roots mixed up with second houses (6) ROOSTS Anagram [mixed up] of (ROOTS S [second])*
22 Most simpering coyotes lost without love (6) COYEST Anagram [lost] of (COY(O)TES)* without O [love in tennis]
24 Shortarse turned upside down on constant way to work (4) TUBE BUT(T) [arse without the last letter i.e. short] backwards [upside down in this down clue] on E [mathematical constant]