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Crossword 2 - October 2017

My second crossword has a mini theme!

PDF of crossword 2

Click the blacked out text for answers and reasoning or hit to reveal it all!

Mini-theme: There are a bunch of hops hidden in the answers: SUMMIT, TARGET, CASCADE, CITRA, GALAXY, AMARILLO and HOPS itself.

Please do give me feedback via on mastodon or email if you hate it, like it, dislike a particular clue etc. I'm very interested in what people think so I can try and improve.

1 Posed university thesis about a fruit (7) SATSUMA SAT [posed] (U MS)* An anagram of U [university] and MS [manuscript/thesis] A.
5 Bag holding three notes goes to tumble (7) CASCADE CASE [bag] around CAD [three notes C, A and D] for one of the hops
9 Point horse around overseas flower (5) MARNE MARE [horse] around N [North, a point] for an overseas flower or river in France
10 About old flame be clear: they’re hateful (9) EXECRABLE (EX BE CLEAR)* An anagram of EX [old flame] BE CLEAR
11 Minted poet changed but unchanged by multiplication? (10) IDEMPOTENT (MINTED POET)* An anagram of minted poet for a maths term for being unchanged by an operation on itself.
12 Shop around for flavouring (4) HOPS (SHOP)* An anagram of shop
14 Company uprising beheaded development of hunters and prey (11) COEVOLUTION CO [company] rEVOLUTION [uprising without its first letter]
18 A slip one makes after short time in US city (11) MINNEAPOLIS MIN [short time] (A SLIP ONE)* followed by an anagram of a slip one
21 Bring herd back for grass (4) REED DEER [herd] backwards
22 About doing a lot: a problem in the mouth (10) ODONTALGIA (DOING A LOT A)* An anagram of doing a lot for toothache
25 Familiar jockey riding Diamonds in Midlands (9) LEICESTER LESTER [Piggott; a familiar jockey] around ICE [diamonds]
26 12 for paintings in chargeback (5) CITRA ART [paintings] IC [in charge] all backwards for a hop (12)
27 Alternative chat with extreme mates gives best times (7) ORGASMS OR [alternative] GAS [chat] MS [Extreme letters of MateS]
28 City: Static half empty say of joy (7) ECSTASY EC [City of london postcode] STA [first half of STAtic] SY [SaY empty - i.e. with the middle letter]
1 Problem with German peak (6) SUMMIT SUM [maths problem] MIT [With in German] for one of the hops
2 Sailor to have goal (6) TARGET TAR [sailor] GET [have] for another hop
3 Peacekeepers attended and surprised (10) UNEXPECTED UN [peace keepers] EXPECTED [attended]
4 One man is representative (5) AGENT A [one] GENT [man]
5 Carbon, meagre carbon monoxide and aluminium form this chemist’s lie (5,4) CLEAN COAL C [Carbon] LEAN [meagre] CO [carbon monoxide] AL [Aluminium]
6 Browse froth (4) SURF Double definition
7 Forgetting brothers replace console gives sweet delight (8) AMBROSIA AM(NES)IA [forgetting] with BROS [brothers] replacing NES [console; Nintendo Entertainment System]
8 Flat tune at service? (8) EVENSONG EVEN [flat] SONG [tune]
13 Things reserves keep: position (10) SUBSTANCES SUBS [reserves] around [keep] STANCE [position]
15 Old sport start to drag: it teasingly ever slowly hastens (9) EXPEDITES EX [old] PE [sport] first letters [start] to Drag It Teasingly Ever Slowly
16 Spoil one in Rene’s phone greeting to US city (8) AMARILLO ALLO [Rene from Allo Allo or a generic Frenchman's phone greeting] with MAR [spoil] I [one] inside it for another hop
17 Violently enraging? (8) ANGERING An anagram of (ENRAGING)* but also an &lit-ish clue
19 Woman’s master throws hat (6) AGATHA AGA [master] (HAT)* An anagram [throws] of hat
20 Ball axes stars (6) GALAXY GALA [ball] XY [X and Y axes] for another hop
23 Northern or home counties invader (5) NORSE N [northern] OR SE [home counties]
24 Some pollination should be essential for insects (4) BEES Hidden answer [some] in be essential