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Crossword 5 - June 2020

My fifth crossword has an extra little message for you all.

PDF of crossword 5

The message is: CROSSWORDS ARE FUN - which is written in the top and bottom line of the grid

Click the blacked out text for answers and reasoning or hit to reveal it all!

Please do give me feedback via on mastodon or email if you hate it, like it, dislike a particular clue etc. I'm very interested in what people think so I can try and improve.

9 Morning goal with guys on time: that’s a change! (9) AMENDMENT AM [morning] END [goal] MEN [guys] T [time]
10 Gang has some tough orders (5) HORDE Hidden answer [some] tougH ORDErs
11 Clothing for man draped around member (7) GARMENT An envelope [draped around] of GENT [man] around ARM [member]
12 I sail around: paper’s boss coordinated (7) LIAISED Anagram [around] of (I SAIL)* ED [paper's boss]
13 Heartless Tory name is banker (4) TYNE Taking the heart [heartless] out of TorY NamE for a river which has two banks so is a banker
14 Last minute donation to church tax by granny to marry (3,3,4) TIE THE KNOT An envelope [donation] of minutE [last (letter in) minute] inside TITHE [church tax] KNOT [granny knot]
16 Face east, disembowel shrews and decapitate hens to reserve the last rite for sect (7) ESSENES First letter [face] of East, take the guts out of [disembowel] ShrewS and an envelope [reserve] of the last letter of ritE inside headless [decapitate] hENS for a Jewish sect
17 No time for tour with mixed cast! We might be judged on these! (3,4) OUR ACTS Take T [time] off tOUR and an anagram [mixed] (CAST)* for what we might be judged by
19 Sis? Not the same mother (4,6) HALF SISTER Cryptic definition. SIS is literally half the letters of SISTER and your half sister may not have the same mother
22 Volcano starts from fired up jet inside (4) FUJI First letters [starts] of Fired Up Jet Inside
24 Mixed weather outside range falls (7) NIAGARA An anagram [mixed] of (RAIN)* [weather] around [outside] AGA [range] for some famous waterfalls
25 Panicky first foal managed movement (7) FRANTIC First letter of Foal RAN [managed] TIC [movement]
26 Last chance: acceptable to be taken back into pub for weariness (5) ENNUI Last letter of chancE with a reversed [back] envelope [taken into] of U [acceptable: cinema rating for everyone] inside INN<
27 Guy hugged by a guy with old, hot drink (9) AMERICANO Envelope [hugged by] of ERIC [guy] inside A MAN [a guy] with O [old] for a hot drink
1 Discovered crime in progress: seized wine passed around (6,3,6) CAUGHT RED HANDED Charade of CAUGHT [seized] RED [wine] HANDED [passed around]
2 Runs into bottom and climaxes (8) REARENDS Charade of REAR [bottom] ENDS [climaxes]
3 Doctor dictionary reordered for stranger (5) ODDER (DR [doctor] OED [dictionary])* as an anagram [reordered]
4 Monitors second ledger records (8) SENTRIES S [second] ENTRIES [ledger records]
5 Probe animal’s home rental… (6) STYLET Charade of STY [animal's home] LET [rental property]
6 … as weather worsens for migrants (9) WHEATEARS (AS WEATHER)* anagram [worsens] for the migratory birds
7 Rector is one part of prayer (6) ORISON Hidden answer [part of] RectOR IS ONe
8 Stand by? Action! With last say on the words ordering (5,2,6,2) READY TO SWITCH ON An anagram [ordering] of (ACTION Y [last letter of saY] THE WORDS)*. If your TV is on stand by it's ready to switch on
15 Articles on good man of continent give Russian (9) ANASTASIA AN A [articles] ST [saint: good man] ASIA [continent]
17 Too loose: balls unsupported (8) OVERFREE OVER [balls in cricket] FREE [unsupported]
18 At the speed of light remove French water diver (8) COUSTEAU C [speed of light] OUST [remove] EAU [water in French]
20 Liberal deserves schools (6) LEARNS L [liberal] EARNS [deserves]
21 Amount of city inside mark (6) SCALAR An envelope [inside] of LA [a city] in SCAR [mark]
23 American state provided American Muslim leader (5) CALIF CAL [abbreviation for California] IF [provided] for the American spelling of Caliph