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This is highly experimental. Don't be surprised if I get fed up of updating it. It's dual-purpose - first, it'll give new vegans or people thinking about becoming vegan an idea of what a real actual vegan eats day-to-day; and second, it'll encourage me to cook properly instead of living on toast.

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Week Beginning Sunday 6 May 2001


The vegan cream cheese was actually home-made - I had a go at making tofu from soya milk, and the end result seemed a lot more cream-cheese-like than tofu-like, so I mixed in some chopped capers, dried dill and chopped red onion (as inspired by a post by Dimitri to rec.food.cooking) and called it cream cheese. It was very nice.


The pasta with black olives and red onions was very simple - basically sauteed sliced red onions with balsamic vinegar, chopped black olives and fresh parsley. I got the idea from a post to the "pasta" onelist mailing list. The Piedmontese Peppers were adapted from an Elizabeth David recipe - halved red peppers filled with a few pieces of tomato, a couple of thin slices of garlic, some salt and olive oil, baked and then cooled and served cold.

The baked rice with broccoli and lentils was OK, but not great. It was pretty much what it says - uncooked white rice, chopped broccoli and a can of green lentils with some water and stock powder, baked in the oven until the rice was done. Harry's Magic Tomato Sauce is something altogether more wonderful - I got it from a recipe posted to rec.food.cooking by Harry Demidavicius. An incredibly delicious tomato sauce.


The faux-Stroganoff was pretty nice. The tempeh was marinaded overnight in a mixture of white wine and soy sauce (3:1 ratio) - it sucked up almost all of the marinade - and then baked on a tray in the oven until it was crispy. While that was happening, I sauteed some thinly-sliced onions in soya margarine until soft, then added halved button mushrooms, cooked a bit more, added a big squeeze of pureed garlic, cooked a bit more, added some white wine, let it bubble, added a mixture of lemon juice, a bit of tahini and a big glug of soya milk, sprinkled over a bit of flour, mixed it in and simmered till thickened, then added in the baked tempeh and warmed it through. It was good. Saved some in the fridge for a future lunch.

Later in the evening I made some hummous.


I made half-quantities of the Puy Lentil Stew, ate one portion and froze two.