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This is highly experimental. Don't be surprised if I get fed up of updating it. It's dual-purpose - first, it'll give new vegans or people thinking about becoming vegan an idea of what a real actual vegan eats day-to-day; and second, it'll encourage me to cook properly instead of living on toast.

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Week Beginning Sunday 22 April 2001


I started some No-Hassle Soy Bread this morning - I'll bake it tonight or tomorrow. In the evening, I made some orzo salad (125g orzo, cooked and mixed with 2 Tbsp sultanas, 2 Tbsp toasted sunflower seeds and a batch of Japanese Carrot Dressing) for packed lunches during the rest of the week. I had some cooked rice to use up, so I made some Red Dragon Pie - I assembled and froze one individual portion of this and put the rest in the fridge (filling and potato stored separately). I also put together a couple of rolls of Thick-Rolled Sushi with carrot, asparagus and tofu for tomorrow's packed lunch, and took a peanut-butter-and-Marmite English muffin out of the freezer for packed breakfast.


In the evening I baked the soya bread that I mixed up on Sunday, and whizzed up a batch of hummous. I did the bread as one thin baguette and one ciabatta-shape. After it cooled, I made a peanut butter and Marmite sandwich from some of the baguette for tomorrow's packed breakfast. I also took a tub of Okra in Tomato and Dill Sauce out of the freezer for tomorrow's packed lunch. I'll have it with some of the orzo salad I made on Sunday.


Made another soya bread sandwich for tomorrow's breakfast, this time with the hummous that I made last night. Took some Vegetarian Moussaka out of the freezer for lunch tomorrow - I'll have it with the rest of the orzo salad.



Had a day booked off work. Didn't actually get around to eating anything today, since I spent most of it lying about reading novels (Octavia Butler and Tim Powers). Made another hummous sandwich for breakfast tomorrow, and got some Vegetable and Lentil Stew out of the freezer for tomorrow's lunch.


I made some bread this evening. It was nice. I just used an ordinary bread recipe with half wholemeal, half white flour, and added in 2 tbsp toasted pine nuts, 2 tbsp toasted sunflower seeds, and 2 tbsp chopped black olives.


I had the rest of a big packet of kale to use up, so later in the evening I made some Lentil-Spinach Stew using kale instead of the spinach. Worked really nicely. This made three portions; I froze them for future use.