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This is highly experimental. Don't be surprised if I get fed up of updating it. It's dual-purpose - first, it'll give new vegans or people thinking about becoming vegan an idea of what a real actual vegan eats day-to-day; and second, it'll encourage me to cook properly instead of living on toast.

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Week Beginning Sunday 8 April 2001


The brunch buffet kept us all fed and happy until we cleared it away at about 5pm. There's a fair selection of nice bread left over, which will make this week's packed breakfasts more interesting. I did a batch of stew in the evening, ate some with the rest of Thursday's rice, put some in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch, and froze the remaining two portions. I made a couple of small sandwiches for tomorrow's breakfast - soya cream cheese and fresh tomato on 100% dark rye bread.


The pasta dish I made at supper made two portions, so I saved one for tomorrow's packed lunch. I also tried out a baked rice recipe from rec.food.cooking, and a baked chickpea crunchy recipe. Both turned out nice and will be used throughout the rest of the week's meals. While I had the oven on, I roasted some red and green pepper strips in a little bit of olive oil - I have a nice recipe in mind for tomorrow's supper that uses them. Later on I made some more little sandwiches for tomorrow's breakfast - all the rye bread is gone now, though :(


The stew I made for supper turned out to be very easy and incredibly delicious. Basically, it's cannellini beans, nice mushrooms, roasted peppers, chopped tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and fresh basil. I'm not sure how "authentically Tuscan" it is, and I'd like to know before I put the recipe up on the cookery site, but I'm investigating. The recipe made two servings, and I saved one for lunch tomorrow to have with some of the soya bread I baked for Sunday's brunch. Tomorrow's packed breakfast will be the last of the soya cream cheese, this time on sourdough spelt bread.



I travelled up to London this afternoon for an overnight stay, got back early Friday evening.

I tried out Ranee Mueller's pitta bread this morning. It was wonderful, absolutely amazing, really tasty, pretty easy, so much fresher than the stale stuff you get in shops. I'll never buy pitta bread again. Some of these I fed to housemates, others I took to London to amaze doop with.


Made some more of the baked rice that I tried on Monday, with a view to putting it on the cookery site. Didn't turn out as well this time; think I cooked it too long.


Experimental baking day! I tried a Beer Bread recipe, but was rather disappointed with it. No flavour. Also made Natural Land's banana muffins again - these are going on the cookery site soon, once I've tested them a couple more times. Really good.

Supper's Mushroom-stuffed Aubergine was adapted from a recipe posted on rec.food.cooking by Michael (see lower down that thread for my adaptations). It was good, but still needs tweaking. Will make this again soon (thanks, Michael!).

I had some green beans I wanted to use up (the thin type, not the flat runner-bean type), and I wanted to try and recreate the very nice Loubia Bezeit that we had at the Lebanese restaurant on Wednesday, so I had a look on the web for a Lebanese green bean recipe. I eventually based what I did on Mike Wolfberg's Lebanese Green Beans recipe, but added a pinch of ground cumin. It was quite nice; will try it again. I had a few spoonfuls of this to test it, and saved the rest in the fridge, since I cooked it to stop the beans going off rather than for a particular meal.