Yesterday I tagged a new version of onak, my OpenPGP compatible keyserver. I’d spent a bit of time during DebConf doing some minor cleanups, in particular an annoying systemd socket activation issue I’d been seeing. That turned out to be due completely failing to compile in the systemd support, even when it was detected. There was also a signature verification issue with certain Ed225519 signatures (thanks Antoine Beaupré for making me dig into that one), along with various code cleanups.

I also worked on Stateless OpenPGP CLI support, which is something I talked about when I released 0.6.2. It isn’t something that’s suitable for release, but it is sufficient to allow running the OpenPGP interoperability test suite verification tests, which I’m pleased to say all now pass.

For the next release I’m hoping the OpenPGP crypto refresh process will have completed, which at the very least will mean adding support for v6 packet types and fingerprints. The PostgreSQL DB backend could also use some love, and I might see if performance with SQLite3 has improved any.

Anyway. Available locally or via GitHub.

0.6.3 - 26th September 2023

  • Fix systemd detection + socket activation
  • Add CMake checking for Berkeley DB
  • Minor improvements to keyd logging
  • Fix decoding of signature creation time
  • Relax version check on parsing signature + key packets
  • Improve HTML escaping
  • Handle failed database initialisation more gracefully
  • Fix bug with EDDSA signatures with top 8+ bits unset