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You have, probably quite unintentionally, reached the web pages of one Mike Ricketts. There follows the beer induced scrawl of one who feels he should have a web page, but has nothing really useful to put on it. You almost definitely don't really want to read on. But you might, if you have more time on your hands than you know what to do with.

So, a bit about me. And I mean a bit. I don't believe in pointless waffle, and anyone who is reading this probably either already knows more about me than I'm ever likely to write down, or doesn't care anyway.

I'm a Software Engineer, working for IBM. So now you know. Apart from that, I am a linuxy type person. Otherwise known as a hacker. In the correct sense, not the other one. See Project Purple for some of the stuff I am working on right now. Not much though, 'cos I don't have much time. When I am not working, hacking, eating, sleeping or drinking (decent beer), I am probably either driving or playing the trombone. I might even be doing more than one of those at once.

Things I like: decent beer, decent cars (quality in a car is not a function of speed - it is a function of ability to go round corners), cool hacks, decent beer, free hardware and decent beer. Donations of any of these, or money, is more than welcome.

Things I dislike: lager, people who claim lager is decent beer, microsoft, ford escorts, drivers wearing hats, and probably all sorts of other things I can't think of right now.

Other things on this site

Web version of my CV.
I doubt anyone wants it, but its here if you do. There's a lot of detail missing, some of which I might get around to adding at some point. Oh, and there's one thing deliberately left out. But we won't mention that.
Yes, I had to include it. An online diary. This is very unlikely to be even remotely up to date. But it will show you what a really boring life I lead.
A list of all my computers. Probably about right. This is mainly here for my own reference since I keep forgetting what I've got, but some of the really bored amongst you might find it interesting.
Computer stuff.
A list of all the bits of computers I think I've got, where I think they are, whether I think they work. Almost definitely very wrong.
A web cam, usually somehwhere in the house, sometimes pointing at me, sometimes pointing at random other things, usually pointing at nothing in particular. Often broken.
Yep. Keblelinux. A nice big chunky self extracting zip that runs linux on the Keble College computer room machines. Or at least, it used to. I very much doubt it still does. It his here because I have nothing better to do with it, and didn't have the heart to destroy it. Noodles (or should I say Satan) might understand
Oakley linux.
A linux distribution. Or rather, a partial linux distribution that I started building and have never had the time to finish. I might get around to it one day. Honest, guv.
If you are still reading, I conclude that you are totally bored out of your skull, and therefore you might even follow the following links
Be warned, it isn't small, doesn't work in nongraphical browsers, and can cause graphical browsers to eat a hell of a lot of CPU. But it is extremely cool when it does work :)
The wibble file.
IRC logs from the most memorable incident in the history of OxIRC. Possibly.

That's all folks.

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