Computer Junk

OK in the state column does not mean it works. It means I don't know that it doesn't work.
Computer cables/connectors
2 Kettle leads1 OK, 1 blown fuseCable box
Power 'Y' splitterOKConnector box
Serial cable (25pin, for modem)OKCable box
Serial null modem cable (25 and 9pin)OKCable box
Serial ports (9 & 25 pin)OKConnector box
SCSI cableOKCable box
3 floppy cablesOKCable box
CD audio cableOKCable box
BNC cable (25m?)OKCable box
4 BNC T-piecesOKConnector box
Games port -> Game port + midiOKCable box
External SCSI connectorOKWhite box, main box
PS2 (female) to AT (male) keyboard adapterOKConnector box
Audio cables/connectors
2 Midi CablesOKCable box
Phono cable (mono, grey)OKCable box
Phono cable (stereo)OKCable box
Male phono -> bare wireRusty connectorCable box
Phono connector (female)OKConnector box
2 dual phono connectors (female)OKConnector box
Stereo phono (female) -> stereo headphone (male)OKConnector box
Mono headphone jackOKConnector box
Large headphone female -> phono maleOKConnector box
Modem/phone cableOKCable box
1 socket and 3 plugs of unknown typeOKConnector box
Other cables/connectors
Wires (lots of)OKWires bundle, cable box
4 joining boxes for little wiresOKConnector box
Female phonolike to male PS2like connectorOKConnector box
2 pin razor cableBrokenCable box
240VAC/50Hz -> 12VAC 1A Power adapter for modemOKCable box
240VAC/50Hz -> 0-12VDC 300mA Power adapterOKCable box
2/3pin female -> 3 pin male mains adapter (Euro??)OKConnector box
Continental & US mains adapterOKConnector box
3way mains adapter blockOKConnector box
2way mains adapter blockOKConnector box
Computer hardware
Philips CDRWDodgyMain box
PS2 keyboardOKMain box
14.4k modemOKMain box (cables in cable box)
Fan (slightly bigger than power supply sized)OKMain box
Matrox graphics cardbrokenAnti static
8bit ISA graphics cardOKAnti static
Socket 7 AT motherboardprobably brokenAnti static
3C905TX PCI network cardFriedAnti static
3 NE2000 compatible ISA network cardsProbably friedAnti static
8bit AUI/BNC network cardBrokenAnti static
ATX PSUOK but a bit noisyMain box
Case screws, risers &cOKCPU cooler box
Blanking and back platesOKWires box
4 Case 'feet'OKCPU cooler box
2 PII processor standsOKWhite box, main box
Amiga A500 plus power supplyNo floppy drive, but otherwise OKMain box
486 Laptop (Ickle) plus power supply - see computersMain box
ChipBrokenConnector box
4 72pin SIMMSOKConnector box
4 RAM boards (might be SIMMS)Probably brokenConnector box
Other stuff
4 micro switchesOKConnector box
Microphone with stand (soundblaster)OKCable box
Microphone standOKCable box
Battery, 1/2 AA sive, 3.6V, LithiumOKConnector box
MultimeterOKCable box
Small FM arielOKWires bundle, cable box
Mono earphoneOKWires bundle, cable box
Dummy headphoneOKConnector box
MeterOKConnector box
BuzzerOKConnector box
SpeakerOKConnector box
WatchBroken strapConnector box
Keyring torchOKConnector box
Dynamo torchBrokenConnector box

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