The Wibble File

The wibble file is a list of wibblewords. It should include every wibbleword that has ever been used on OxIRC, plus any I come accross from anywhere else and like. It may well be incomplete - I need to get around to doing a grep on the logs. However, I don't know of anything that is missing. On the unfortunate event of my death, maintenance of and ownership of the wibble file shall become the responsibility of Ganesh.

There is also a wobblefile, which is generated by running sed 's/wib/wob/g' wibble but is only to be used in cases of extreme wibblishness. Or do I mean wobblishness?

wibble wibblify wibblification wibbligentrification wibbligentrify
wibblistablishmentarianism wibblificate wibblifipilipication
wibblications wibblified wibblers wibbling wibblishly wibblicate
wibbletown wibblingly wibbly wibbles wibblipaucinihilipification wibbletrap
wibblifactionary wibblicalifragilisticexpialidocious (sp) wibbleshins
wibblintiation wibblet wibbledon wibblesticks wibblificationalism wibblize
wibbled wibbliness wibbler wibblering wibbligates wibbleth wibbloid
wibblishness wibblifications wibblific wibbledom wibblable wibblifically
wibblisimulation and last but not least, wibble

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