You can grab my 4096 bit RSA GPG key here (key id 0x2DA8B985). My older keys (PGP 2.6 RSA key id 0x4DC4E7FD and GPG/PGP 5.x DSA key id 0x5B430367) were both revoked to move to the larger key size. I'm linked into the largest PGP strongly connected key set, which according to stats I ran some time ago (2000) consists of at least 9329 keys.

There are more recent stats on the strong keyring at

I've written an OpenPGP keyserver, onak, which isn't quite feature complete yet, but can do funky things like find the path between 2 keys. You can try this out on my pathfinder page. One thing I'd like to look at is getting it to generate signer/signee graphs for people's keys that could then go on t-shirts or similar. And to try and hook up the keyanalyze code to be able to talk directly to the key db for some realtime stats, though this might chug far too much cpu for most things.

I'm got stricter about my keysigning policy since moving to my new key - I'll need to have seen government issued photo ID for you still but will also need to in some sense know you and be able to recognize you. If this is the case then I'm always happy to sign keys (especially if it helps people move towards larger key sizes).