Me. Hmmm. Does anyone bother to read these things? I guess people out Googling. I'm a Law student at Queen's University Belfast (doing a Masters in Legal Science). Previously I was a software developer. I've worked for Vello Systems, HP, 3PAR, Norwich Union, Cisco (as part of Ensoft) and Nortel Networks. I also ran a small ISP called Black Cat Networks, but sold it in July 2007. I'm also involved with Debian, but don't do enough for it.

I currently live in Belfast, where I'm originally from, but I've spent time living in Newry (where my parents still live), Oxford, Harpenden, Norwich, Castlerock, San Francisco and Fremont. I get around. I've also travelled a fair bit as well.

Countries I have visited
World map of countries I have visited

I'm not organized enough to have anything I'd call a hobby. I used to ride a motorbike, when I lived in California, but the weather here isn't really as nice for it. I brew beer when I remember to and it's mostly been drinkable.

I like strong black coffee, strong tea with a dash of milk, beer I can't see through and red wine. Though not all together. My music tastes vary; I've been using for a few years now, so that might give an idea of at least some of what I like. I also have an Amazon Wishlist. I don't like dance. I'm a jeans and tshirt sort of person; smart casual scares me (though I seem to constantly end up with jobs that require it, thankfully not the current one).

Computing-wise I prefer unix-like OSes. I run Debian GNU/Linux almost everywhere but spent several years with FreeBSD as my desktop OS. I'm a colour text mode junkie (mutt, vim, tin, irssi), though my browser of choice is Firefox. I like C and Perl, but seem to have collected a large number of languages I've done something in over the years. Currently I'm trying hard to reach for Python when I previously would have used Perl, to help learn the language better.

I don't really have a lot more to say. My website, like many others, lacks content but I feel I should have one. The blog gets updated more regularly. I suggest you move along now. :)