I have a terrible tendency to buy various bits of hardware that I don't really need, in order to play with them. Usually I get them doing something interesting and then move on to the next toy. :)

ASUS WL-500g

This is a rather nice little consumer router; I used to use mine with a USB Speedtouch to drive my ADSL, but these days it's a wireless AP and print server for my parents.

Amstrad E3 Emailer

Video phone that runs Linux. I've been working on getting recent 2.6 kernels working on this, with the aim to eventually turn it into a funky SIP/IAX VOIP phone.

Netgear DG834G

ADSL wireless router thingy that I'm hoping to get OpenWRT working properly on. They already have support, though not for the wireless bit.

Netgear WGT634U

This replaced my WL-500g until I have enough time to tackle the DG834G properly. I have my USB Speedtouch attached to it and it's my house gateway to the outside world, handling the ADSL line, wireless, DNS and NTP quite happily. Oh, and native IPv6 of course.

Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000

An ickle PDA (well, probably counts a big PDA, but a small device anyway) that runs Linux. 4GB HD, 16MB flash, 64MB ROM, 416MHz PXA270. I no longer have this as I wasn't using it that much. :(

USB FXS dongle

A TigerJet 560 based USB FXS dongle that lets you plug a phone into a USB port.