These photos are taken with a variety of cameras. Originally I had a Kodak CX4230, but this has since been replaced with a Pentax Optio S5z. There are also various shots from camera phones; an Orange SPV E200, a Sony Ericsson v600i and a Nokia E70.

img_3085.jpg img_0880.jpg
img_0797.jpg img_0795.jpg
img_0774.jpg img_0610.jpg
Primary fermenter, ready to be racked into secondary Folded up
Dining area, kitchen and loft img_0405.jpg
img_0340.jpg 00051.jpg
00031.jpg 00026.jpg
00017.jpg 00010.jpg
00001.jpg imgp0345.jpg
imgp0340.jpg imgp0323.jpg
imgp0293.jpg Kitchen, from the door to the dining room
imgp0209.jpg Study, my desk
1.jpg imgp0171.jpg
imgp0152.jpg 100_0976.jpg
imgp0105.jpg imgp0070.jpg
imgp0058.jpg Richard (Teatime)
imgp0469.jpg imgp0466.jpg
imgp0333.jpg imgp0317.jpg
Peter, mhy, Brett + the back of Nattie's head imgp0228.jpg
imgp0157.jpg Working in the dining room
imgp0141.jpg imgp0101.jpg
Martijn Koster (mak) imgp0072.jpg
Lloyds TSB ATM Kim and Andy
Jennifer, Cheryl, Ian + Jon S Ben
100_0179.jpg JT, ?, Ashley
100_0167.jpg 100_0136.jpg
000_0429.jpg Uncle Steve checking his email in our room.
June 2005; On top ASUS WL500g
Closed, beside my desktop Just Married! TFM and Ag leave the church
000_0366.jpg 000_0362.jpg
000_0358.jpg 000_0356.jpg
000_0335.jpg Eli (sunflowerinrain)
000_0318.jpg 000_0306.jpg
000_0270.jpg 000_0264.jpg
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100_0074.jpg 100_0062.jpg
100_0034.jpg 100_0027.jpg
100_0024.jpg 100_0015.jpg
100_0012.jpg 100_0008.jpg
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000_0240.jpg 000_0235.jpg
000_0223.jpg 000_0214.jpg
000_0205.jpg 000_0203.jpg
000_0176.jpg 000_0170.jpg
000_0168.jpg 000_0160.jpg
000_0133.jpg 000_0124.jpg
000_0120.jpg 000_0092.jpg
000_0075.jpg 000_0070.jpg
000_0057.jpg 000_0044.jpg
000_0034.jpg 000_0018.jpg
000_0014.jpg 000_0010.jpg