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I wrote this a long time ago. I still plan to get round to it at some point, but it'll probably be at least another year and maybe even never. Still, here it is. A Linuxspotting T-Shirt plan, in the style of Trainspotting. I STFW and didn't turn up anything similar, so here's my shot. It's based on a file I found by Mark Rigby-Jones which I then modified to something I felt was closer to the style of the original Trainspotting. Jonathan H N Chin (of Adminspotting fame) provided EPS wizzardry.

It looks like I might actually get round to producing these; I've started trying to get quotes and would hope to get a run done in September or so if I can get enough interest. Price should be no more than £10 excluding P&P (unless we can arrange some sort of collection or something). If you're interested then please email me at noodles-linuxspotting@earth.li.

Grab EPS file (2k) Grab PNG file (30k) Look at TXT file (1k)