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Thu, 28 Aug 2014


To get to Barcelona I left Toledo at stupid o'clock as I had to change at Madrid for an AVE to get me to Barcelona.

Barcelona is in Catalonia where they speak Catalan. They still speak Castillian Spanish though and rumours that they would prefer English to Castillian were vastly overstated. Also I was continually vigilant for pickpockets especially in crowded areas or around pinch-points for crowds but didn't have any problem thankfully.

Barcelona felt very different to the cities of the South and even to Madrid. The Catalan independence issue was very much top of their agenda at every turn and in every museum description or tourist sign which was interesting. It also felt like it was a more independent city proud of its own identity and culture.

There were also so many great things to see. Obviously Gaudi's Sagrada familia which just had so much light coming in such amazing ways.

But there was an amazing Picasso museum, the Joan Miro foundation is worth a look alongside the botanic gardens whilst you're up on Montjuic, the port area, the Catalan history museum, the macba modern art museum... so much to see and so many different areas. I also found some craft beer bars which even had some beer from Siren Craft in Finchampstead in Berkshire just 10 miles or so from home which I wasn't expecting.

I think the most interesting sign was probably this one:

Next up Girona and Figueres


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