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Sun, 01 Jul 2007


My courgette plants started taking over the world a while back and covered the raised bed I made in green.

I had some of the courgettes a week or two ago and went out today and found more.

Some have been rotting slightly on the plants so I removed those too but I'm really excited that the tiny, tiny plants I put in ages ago have turned into giant courgette plants and now have started producing things I can eat! Obvious but satisfying.

Mon, 26 Feb 2007

Great Dixter and twitter

I went home for a family meal and beforehand we went to Great Dixter. I took some pictures though I'm beginning to wonder if I should just get a Flickr account given the results for the Great Dixter tag on Flickr.

Also today (via Chris Chapman) I discovered twitter. Twitter appears to be a system for people to write very short comments much like IRC or IM except on the web e.g. Chris's page. Also you're encouraged to write in txt spk it seems and to prefix entries with @username when targetting them. It just seems to be inane dribble (I'd link to more but you get the idea).

I suppose it's bound to succeed. It does after all have a name that ends in an r and after dumping the X from cool names, r is now it.

Some times I really don't get the Internet.