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Wed, 03 Jan 2007

Best feed readers

I think I need to change the way I read RSS/ATOM feeds. At the moment I run a local planet partly because I'm a control freak and it meant that when Planet Debian was down I could still read those feeds and partly because I want to add other people's feeds to it and want to read them all in the same place. This is mostly fine apart from planet's "feature" of ignoring the dates in feeds and occasional either broken feeds or broken parsing causing me to see literal HTML in the generated page.

Until recently I didn't have any further problems but a while back I added a very verbose machine generated feed which it would be nice to be able to look at separately. Planet doesn't cope well with this; this feed's entries tend to push interesting ones off so either I have to tell planet to generate a huge page (including much stuff I've already read) or setup separate planet configs. It also just feels inefficient for me to have all the stuff I've already read at the bottom of the page and to be loading any linked images (well ok, getting a 304 Not Modified hopefully) every time I want to look at my planet page.

So I think I want a standalone reader or possibly to use an independent service like the google reader or bloglines. Though am I still a control freak so the former sounds better for me.

I just tried liferea (from unstable, 1.0.27) and was clicking around and it segfaulted. Not exactly a glowing recommendation.

It'd be neat if there was one that presented posts a bit like planet does - all expanded ready for reading one after the other in date order - so all I have to do is read and scroll and things get marked as read. It'd be really neat if I could then mark things as unread or file them some how.

Dear lazyweb, does something like this exist? love and kisses, huggie