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Thu, 28 Aug 2014

Girona and Figueres

I spent a day in Girona which was plenty of time to look round the cathedral and the walls of the city and wander about a bit. I didn't really realise at the time but there are some good restaurants here which I probably should have found and booked into. Girona's pretty but there isn't a lot there really.


I planned part of my trip around going to Figueres because I wanted to go back to the Dali museum that I had first seen as a kid and which had opened my eyes to modern art. I wasn't disappointed. I mean look at these ceilings!

The queues for the museum are huge so go early but personally I'd say it's well worth the wait.

Figueres also has Castell de Sant Ferran which is an odd fort that's just on the edge of the town.

Then I caught the train all the way back up to Paris and after catching up with three different groups of friends there I came back home.
All in all a pretty successful trip!


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