I wrote a month ago about getting native IPv6 over fibre. Given that this week RIPE announced they’d run out of IPv4 allocations and today my old connection was turned off, it seems an appropriate point to look at my v4 vs v6 usage over a month (as a reminder, I used my new FTTP connection for v6 only over the past month, with v4 still going over my old FTTC connection). I’m actually surprised at the outcome:

IPv4 traffic IPv6 traffic

That’s telling me I received 1.8 times as much traffic via IPv6 over the past month as I did over IPv4. Even discounting my backups (the 2 v6 peaks), which could account for up to half of that, that means IPv6 and IPv4 are about equal. That’s with all internal networks doing both and no attempt at traffic shaping between them - everything’s free to pick their preference.

I don’t have a breakdown of what went where, but if you run a network and you’re not v6 enabled, why not? From my usage at least you’re getting towards being in the minority.