I generated 0x94FA372B2DA8B985 (my 4096R GPG key) back in 2008, and revoked my old 1024R v3 key around the same time. However I left my main 1024D key alone, figuring I’d get round to revoking it at some point once the new one was sufficiently trusted. This probably happened some time ago, so today I have finally revoked this key:

pub   1024D/0xF1BD4BE45B430367 1999-10-26 [revoked: 2012-07-13]
uid                            Jonathan McDowell <noodles@earth.li>

If you’re not in the habit of refreshing your GPG keyring regularly now might be a good time to (gpg --refresh-keys) or at the very least pull my updated key (gpg --recv-key 0xF1BD4BE45B430367) to make sure you don’t accidentally continue to use it.

(If I haven’t signed your key with my stronger one please do wave a fingerprint/ID at me next time we meet, and ask me for the same in return.)