I don’t normally mention the PGP keyserver I’ve been working on for the past 9 years, but there are a few keyserver related comments I’ve been meaning to make that prompt me to do so this time.

onak is the keyserver powering the.earth.li (AKA wwwkeys.uk.pgp.net). Back in February I finally enabled hkps (HKP over SSL) access to it as I promised dkg I would do back at DebConf10. I also turned on IPv6.

Most of the active keyservers out there are running SKS. I think there might be a few OpenPKSD instances as well. If you’re running SKS please ensure that you have at least one address in your mailsync file, so that you send key updates to the non SKS keyservers out there - it seems that SKS requires the receiving keyserver to send out updates via email, rather than each server sending out any updates it processes to its mailsync peers. Feel free to add pgp-public-keys at earth.li - no need to contact me to do so (but you can drop me a line if you want me to send you mail updates back).

Also in the past there was a pgp-keyserver-folk mailing list, originally on flame.org, then on alt.org. Both of these have been dead for a while. I created a local pgp-keyserver-folk some time ago, but never publicised it. I believe the SKS lists are fairly active, but limited to that community, so it would be nice to have somewhere that was keyserver agnostic that admins could talk to each other.

Anyway. onak 0.4.0. Largely fixes to keyd, which is a backend daemon that handles talking to the key database. This is particularly useful for large/busy keyservers. Also a couple of fixes that make the db4 backend a lot more reliable (especially with queries that return lots of results). And various other minor cleanups. If you’re one of the 3 people running it you probably want to upgrade; updated packages have already been uploaded to Debian unstable.