Ages ago I got round to getting a smartcard reader and ordering a couple of OpenPGP smartcards from Kernel Concepts (who were very helpful and quite happy to deal in English via email). Unfortunately this all didn't arrive in time for the yearly Debian UK BBQ, so I missed getting a new key signed there. However, with the forthcoming Linux World Expo I thought I should get round to sorting out a new key. Much faffing later and I now have a key, 0xF4A8B30C, which has never been stored on a networked host (or indeed one with writable persistent storage). Though of course I'm doomed as soon as RSA is cracked, either by cunning maths or quantum computing. 0x5B430367 is still valid and I'll still be using it in general, but I'll probably expire my old PGP Type 3 key, 0x4DC4E7FD. I can't imagine anyone's tied to PGP 2 these days and there are flaws with the old key format AIUI.

So, anyway. Come to LinuxWorldExpo (I should be around the Debian stand for most of Thursday) and sign my new key. :)