<@quidity> Surely you're meant to write your own blog software?
< Twofish> quidity - using blosxom is basically writing your own blog software

So true. I noticed blosxom wasn't adding a pubDate entity to the default rss field, which made the LJ feed think all my posts were yesterday. And the amount of hassle it's been trying to get a valid RSS feed has been quite astounding. I thought this was the stuff the blogsphere ran on?

Firstly, I had issues with paragraphs. I'd been marking them up myself with <p>...</p>, which seemed the wise thing to do, but was a bit annoying over just having a blank line between them. So I found blox which seems to make it a bit easier.

Then to dealing with the aforementiond pubDate problem. slarti and David pointed me at a couple of patches to add the correct entity (which is already done by the Debian packages, but of course I didn't think of looking there). However although that seems to work, I end up with non-escaped HTML in the XML output, which isn't right.

So. Further searching. Several different RSS/ATOM plugins. And I eventually find Andrew Cowie's page on having the same problems, and his rss20 plugin. Which seems to basically Just Work. Or at least, Feed Validator is happy. Let's see if it makes LJ pick up the correct dates too.