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Thu, 28 Aug 2014


Worth mentioning straight away that I arrived in Cordoba in style having booked the only ticket I could which happened to be first class from Madrid on an AVE. I had been served drinks and food and had my own socket to charge my phone as I watched the Spanish countryside fly past. It was slightly depressing to watch the shells of unfinished housing fly past; it does seem the crisis hit Spain's construction industry hard which I knew but the visual reminder of it is quite something to see

Cordoba is alleged to be one of the hottest cities in Europe and that was definitely apparent but it was a very dry heat and I didn't die which given I'm blond and quite often overheat in an office at 21 degrees C was surprising. I had a good hotel with aircon here which helped when I was hiding from the hottest times.

You have to go visit Cordoba. It is a truly amazing place because of its history which is shown off in La Mesquita a mosque which is so large that it contains a cathedral inside it.

There are a lot of beautiful streets but basically this is a town that caters for all the tourists that come to see la Mesquita.

Next up Granada


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