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Thu, 11 Jun 2009


So I've been working in London for a year and three months now and I'm still commuting in. I do constantly think about moving house or moving jobs though.

Today was a tube strike and I walked from Paddington to work. It was a bit of an eye-opener really; I don't think I'd realised that each different bit of London was so individual. I constantly debate with myself the pros and cons of moving in to London. Being able to stay out later, having a better commute to work, being more sociable with the Londoners I know vs living on top of everyone else, not being able to escape as easily, not being able to afford as nice a place to live, missing Twyford friends. But today made me wonder if there is a part of London that's quiet but close in that would suit me. Maybe I should look.

I've also been considering a place closer to the centre of Reading because the annoying bit of my commute is the bus to/from the station too.

Maybe one day I'll make my mind up.


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