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Mon, 01 May 2006

Reading Beer Festival 2006 and a BBQ

This weekend was quite busy. It was the Reading beer festival and I invited a pile of people to come and drink beer on the Saturday and then come to mine on the Sunday for a barbecue. The beer festival was very good as usual but some people did turn back at the size of the queue and others of the group that ended up inside queued for 3 hours first. :(

Once those that stayed over on Sunday were up I had breakfast cooked for me and we retrieved bbq bits from the supermarket. Other people arrived, some a little hungover and we had a pleasant afternoon cooking, eating and drinking. My cheesecakes went down well again. A good mix of people turned up and they all seemed to get on with one another well enough though it was a shame that not everyone could make it. I've put some photos up.

Today I've been clearing up, eating left over sausages, vaguely prodding xfce 4.4beta1 packages, prodding my new computer a bit and half watching the snooker.


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