Aug 31, 2005 / 0 comments

So, after 4 years of hard work (honestly, and not several trips to New York, Madrid, Athens, Nice and more) Kathy finally submitted her PhD yesterday. It's a weighty tome (and I confess I still haven't read all of it), and she's glad to have got rid of it I think. Now we just need to wait for her supervisor to sort out a viva for her; last we heard he was having difficulty with getting an external examiner. :(

Which leads nicely onto TFM, who took nearly a year from submission to viva I believe. This happened yesterday as well (is there something in the air?) and he passed with minor corrections. Yay!

Congratulations to both Kathy and TFM!

New windows!

Aug 26, 2005 / 0 comments

I got a phone call just before 5 yesterday afternoon from the window man, saying he had slot free today and as luck would had it my windows had arrived and was I free and if so could they come and fit them today. I'd originally been planning to take the day off when they came to do the fitting, but at such short notice and with Dom on a RIPE course today and Simon in London for an install I didn't really feel I could do that. However it worked out ok; I spent the morning working in the kitchen (after realising that a) I have a laptop, b) I have a wireless card and c) I have a wireless network in my house. Doh!) while they worked upstairs, and then I moved upstairs after lunch. All in all the process was pretty painless, aside from having to make sure I was up and dressed before they arrived. And now I have nice new windows at the back of the house rather than old wooden ones I'm worried about falling out.

And all that means that soon I get to buy a new laptop so time to do some more research and talk to Matthew the God of Laptops about what's likely to be hassle free under Linux. I shall corner him at the Debian UK BBQ tomorrow.

...and a pony.

Aug 25, 2005 / 0 comments

rejs just ask about the origins of "and a pony", usually after a list of other desires which is starting to sound implausible. Anyone any idea where it comes from? I figured it's a reference to whiny teenage girls, but I can't find anything more concrete easily.

No more Compsoc Network

Aug 19, 2005 / 0 comments

[noodles@pot ~]$ ssh -C
Oxford University Computer Society network

This machine no longer accepts user logins.

Well, that's that then. It's nearly 8 years since I got my Compsoc account, back in the days when most people didn't have a Linux box sitting on their desk (in fact I think I had a Compaq Aero 4/33 running DOS at the time). Since then I've been a Compsoc Sysadmin, president of the society and more recently an aging hanger on. It's still sad to see it go however. The main problem seems to have been a lack of undergraduates who are interested in actually maintaining the network, probably coupled with the lack of demand from most current members for an account. I believe there are still a reasonable number of events, which is in contrast to Cambridge, where the SRCF seems to be still going strong, while the Cambridge University Computing Society seems somewhat dormant. Odd how these things work out.

Motorola C975 + USB + Linux

Aug 16, 2005 / 0 comments

Kathy has a Motorola C975 on 3 PAYG. She's used it a number of times to take pictures when she hasn't had a real camera handy and wanted to get a cable to get them off the phone. eBay of course provided and it arrived this morning. Aside from it being a bit dodgy (needs some wiggling to get detected, but the seller is sending me a replacement) there's the issue of software. It came with some Windows software, but my only Windows machine has slightly dodgy USB to say the least (it was dodgy under Linux and FreeBSD as well, so I can't blame Windows here).

Plugging it into a Linux machine caused the loading of the cdc-acm driver and lo and behold I had a /dev/ttyACM0 and could talk AT to the phone. Which would of course be more useful if 3 actually did real data instead of just walled garden stuff. Further looking around led to the discovery of moto4lin which supports the "P2K" mode of the phone, which lets you upload/download files and Java applets. Except of course it doesn't support the C975. It'll recognise the phone is there, get the model number and free space available but can't actually get a file list. I've filed a request for C975 support as there doesn't seem to be a mailing list or even web forum for discussion of the program. I possibly need to get USB working under Windows and do the usbsnoop thing. Unless anyone out there has got one of these working with Linux?

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