I’ve just finalised the OpenPGP key list for the DebConf 23 Keysigning party. This will follow the “new style” approach of being a continuous keysigning throughout the course of the conference, with an introduction session up front to confirm no one’s fingerprint is corrupted and that we all calculated the same hash of the file. Participants will then verify each other’s identities over the conference week, hopefully being able to build up a better level of verification than a one shot key signing session.

Those paying attention will note that my key details have changed this year; I am finally make a concerted effort to migrate to an elliptic curve based key. I managed to bootstrap it sufficiently at OMGWTFBBQ, but I’m keen to ensure it’s well integrated into the web of trust, so please do come talk to me at DebConf so we can exchange fingerprints!

pub   ed25519 2023-08-19 [C] [expires: 2025-08-18]
      419F B4B6 567E 6EF7 DEAF  80A0 9026 108F B942 BEA4
uid           [ultimate] Jonathan McDowell <noodles@earth.li>

(I’ve no reason to suspect problems with my old key and will be making a graceful changeover in the Debian keyring at some point in October after I’ve performed the September keyring update; that’ll give things a couple of months to catch up before it’s my turn to do an update again.)