The SPI 2012 board election voting opened up on Sunday and is open until the end of Saturday 28th July. My 3 year term has come to an end, so I’m standing for re-election. Michael Schultheiss (our current treasurer) is also standing again. There are also 2 new candidates in the shape of Gregers Petersen and Selena Deckelmann.

My nomination statement doesn’t have anything earth shattering in it. I’m largely of the opinion that SPI itself should be a boring organization, dealing with the common admin tasks of its associated projects and letting them get on with the job of changing the world. There are some challenges about how we scale larger that I’d like to see solved, but on the whole I see my role as a board member as being one of ensuring that SPI continues to function in a sensible fashion, rather than one of engaging in altering it in any serious fashion.

If you’re an SPI contributing member please vote - obviously I’d like you to vote for me if you think I’ve done a decent job over the past 3 years, but even if you don’t I’d still like you to take the time to be involved and vote.