You should probably ignore this post. I’m just venting. I’ll be better after a nice cup of tea.

Things that are causing me to fume about the fact Gnome Shell just hit Debian/Testing:

  • Spacefun came back. Even on GDM3. Just fucking die already.
  • I had to reboot to get bluetooth working again.
  • /desktop/gnome/shell/windows/workspaces_only_on_primary set by default? SRSLY?
  • It failed to carry over my previous monitor settings.
  • I’m pretty sure I don’t have a latent desire for a machine running OS X, whatever the GNOME devs might think.
  • How many mouse clicks to get to the list of applications?
  • Er, why have you changed my default apps? (Why is clicking a link in a terminal opening Epiphany rather than a new tab in Iceweasel?)

I update my testing boxes (work + home laptops) almost every day. It rarely breaks, and certainly when it does I accept that’s what I get for doing rolling upgrades. I can’t remember the last time I did an upgrade that actually made me angry.

Also I suspect this thing is going to have a complete fit on my binary nVidia/hacked up DisplayLink configuration at work (the DisplayLink side refuses to do 3D for starters). Perhaps better not to upgrade there until I have a sufficient block of free time.

Maybe it’s time to go back to evilwm. I only stopped because I wanted a dock for wifi/bluetooth etc applets on my laptop that didn’t get hidden when I fullscreened things. Implementing _NET_WM_STRUT might make that doable…

(I’m sure some of this is just dealing with the change but it’s a bit bloody difficult to deal with a complete change in user interface that hasn’t even managed to carry across settings from the old one.)