It’s my birthday, so a week ago I bought myself a present:

Red Brompton M3R folded

The office is 4.5 miles from the BART station, so up until now I’ve been taking a bus. Unfortunately the timings aren’t that frequent (every 45-60 minutes). Plus I haven’t been doing any exercise since I moved out here. Now it seems to be getting drier I figured it was time to sort out a bike. I wanted something flexible, and have heard nothing but good things from the Brompton owners I know, so that’s what I ended up with. I’m very happy with it; despite my lack of recent exercise it’s pretty easy to ride. I’ve actually found it doesn’t take any longer than taking the bus, and is sometimes quicker, because I avoid having all of the waiting around for it.

I bought it from Warm Planet Bikes, who were incredibly helpful. They had a selection in store that they let me try (and quite a few other models of folding bikes too) and when I made my decision it turned out they could do the customizations I wanted in shop. So rather than me having to order it and wait a month I was able to cycle away that same evening! Full marks to Matt for staying late to sort me out (plus he’s a Brompton owner too).

Red Brompton M3R