Translink are breaking the trains for 3 months at the end of March. This is manifesting as the line between Ballymena and Coleraine being entirely shut (it's only single track, so it's not like they can do one side at a time), but will hopefully result in a smoother, faster journey. Not much good for the 3 months when my journey goes from a single train ride to a train, bus, then another train ride. And gets longer by 20-30 minutes (so potentially 5 hours a day commuting. Yay!). I think not.

So I have rented a flat in Belfast, conveniently only 3 minutes walk from work. 3 month leases are hard to find so I have it for 6 months. I'm a bit freaked. I shouldn't be really; I lived alone when Katherine first moved back to NI. But that was in a house I'd been in for ages rather than somewhere entirely new to me. It proved its worth last night when we were able to walk to Do You Remember the First Time? in a couple of minutes though. Being in the city centre is damn handy, though I'm having to get used to the regular noise of traffic again. :)

(This post primarily a test of Drivel; it's not worth the hassle of dealing with Virgin or BT to get a broadband connection, so I'm going to end up continuing to use my Orange 3G dongle and trying to do things in local clients where possible.)