I got back home from DebConf8 about 11pm last night, having left Mar del Plata at 11am on Sunday morning. 4 hours time difference makes for a 32 hour trip time covering minibus, 2 planes, a coach and a car, 3 time zones (I flew via Madrid) and 4 countries. Not fun, and I'm glad I booked today off to recover. However I'm also exceptionally glad I went to what's probably my best DebConf so far.

Marga and Martín, along with the rest of the local team, did a fantastic job. The venue was great - I really like it when the talks and accomodation are in the same building. It helps convince me to roll out of bed to the first talk of the day after a late night playing Mao if I know I only have to walk upstairs to get to it! ;) Bonus points for the hotel being actually in the middle of the city so it was possible to go out and walk about during the breaks or in the evening. Special mention to zer0 (website looks down at present, but given that he gave his machine up to act as the schedule announce by the restaurant it should hopefully be back soonish) who arranged for the hotel to supply us with Antares beer, as well as taking us to their pub/restaurant several times.

Mark, Steve and Joerg did the usual great job of running the network. They were hampered by a dodgy 3com switch (don't think they'll be using one of those again), but wireless that coped with roaming between the ground, 1st, 3rd and 7th floors without dropping connections is pretty impressive. Phil Hands' VOIP setup was much appreciated too.

I've got a few notes about the talks I attended that I'll try to write up this week (it might help explain to my workmates just exactly why I went as well), as well as a few todo things I should really post so I actually do some of them. For now I'm going back to relaxing on my sofa and trying not to think about having to go to work tomorrow.