I've spent the last week and a bit in Edinburgh, at DebConf7. I found it took me a couple of days to adjust for some reason, but after I'd managed to lose all sense of time everything went much better. I'll probably spend the next week recovering and catching up with real life.

I have to say I don't feel I achieved a whole lot while I was there. When I went to my first DebConf (DebConf4, in Brazil) I spent a lot of time hacking and making progress on things. I didn't manage to do so well in Finland, nor this year. I'm not sure that's entirely what DebConf is about though. I saw a lot of people; the UK crowd who turn up to most things, people I hadn't seen since Finland, and those who I hadn't see since Brazil (and must try harder to see more often). And of course several names I was able to put to faces. This is a really useful part of such events - I find it's much easier to deal with people online once I've met them in real life and have an idea where they're coming from.

Having said I didn't achieve much I did many to leave with a lot of things in my personal todo list. I had the calendar conversation a couple of times again, at greater length, resulting in being told that I should just do it. So I need to think about a proper design. I started looking at Just Writing Code, but the problem is such that I believe a more rigorous approach is required. Another item was ARM hacking; I sat in on the ARM BOF and caught the end of the Emdebian stuff, as well as talking to Wookey and Neil Williams quite a bit about it. Wookey's convinced me that working on mainline Balloon2 support is still useful, even if everyone is more interested in Balloon3. And I thought a bit about starting to do some AM work again, assuming I can find enough time to do a decent job of it.

Mao was sadly lacking; I got a couple of games in, but not the number I'd come to expect from previous DebConfs. I think the trick is to find Marga sooner...

In addition to the travel to Edinburgh we ended up with a daytrip to the Isle of Bute - thanks to Patty Langasek for organising this. We managed not to lose anyone, and had a visit to a public loo from 1898. Post DebConf a bunch of us ended up in Solva for a party to celebrate Daniel and Rob's civil partnership. It was well worth the travelling, and good to see people who hadn't been at DebConf. Finally, on the way back home, we detoured via Stonehenge.

Anyway. Now I'm back home, Katherine's turned up for a bit and hopefully I'll manage to do some of my todo list. See y'all next year in Argentina, assuming I can find the funds.