Rock. I've now got the LCD on my E3 working; blurry picture at (I couldn't convince the camera to both focus well and shoot the flash in a way that made the text visible). I've updated my Amstrad E3 page with a few of the recent 2.6 developments as well. I'm quite chuffed with myself; while Mark did the original work of getting it booting with serial and USB I've managed to write the NAND driver, the LCD driver and sort out the keypad keymap.

There's still quite a lot left though:

  • Get u-boot onto the actual device rather than having to load it over the serial port on each reboot.
  • Add NAND support to u-boot.
  • Get the modem setup.
  • Sound
  • Handset - both mic/speaker and off-hook detection.
  • Mailboard (the pull out keyboard)
  • Camera

And then I can worry about the application layer. :)