I use evilwm as my window manager. I like it; I mainly end up with a whole bunch of xterms and only a handful of graphical apps (Firefox, Psi, xmms and GKrellM). evilwm's minimal decorations mean I can fit everything nicely on my screen without clutter, and the virtual desktops let me have various separated out bits (eg Firefox gets a full desktop to itself).

What I would like however is some form of session management. I'd like to be able to shutdown down my machine and when I restart it have my X setup look similar to when it was shut down, rather than having to start up a dozen apps and position them as I like them. I know I can do software suspend, but that doesn't cover kernel/library upgrades. I had a play with xsm, but although it could start up my xterms it didn't place them correctly. And didn't seem to restart Firefox, but I didn't poke that hard once I realised the xterms weren't getting placed.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need some different window manager setup? I think I'd rather live with having to place stuff myself rather than pull in large amounts of GNOME. I've previously used Window Maker and Fluxbox for prolonged periods of time - can either of those do what I want better?