Dear SpamCop, Please die in a large chemical fire. Don't fucking expect me, as postmaster of a secondary MX, to read every single bounce that comes from it rather than just sending a bounce message. And try educating your lusers (and truely, some of them are lusers) about how to unsubscribe from lists rather than deciding to report them as spam. And while I'm not keen on marketing email, some of it is legitimate and has working opt out systems. Just because you missed the opt out box doesn't make it spam and doesn't mean the way to deal with it is to report it as such.

Gah. I like to think that SpamCop's heart in the right place, but it doesn't avoid the fact that I spend more time dealing with fuckwitted reports from them than I do with spam (because I do actually take the reports seriously as sometimes there's truth in them). Outblaze's FBL is the only other thing that comes close in terms of the sheer stupidity of the reporters.

SpamCop; Just Say No.