In the continue theme of things software I've been using for a while can do, but I only just discovered, I give you editing of recordings under VDR. I use VDR as my PVR; taking a raw MPEG2 DVB stream and saving it without any conversion seems the right way to do things to me. And the interface may be simple, but that's good. However it's annoying to end up with lots of adverts on things I'm planning on keeping around; takes up unnecessary disk space for starters. So I finally put the effort into learning about setting cutting marks while watching playback. Hit 0, it makes a mark. Do it again, it makes another and decides the video between these two is what you want. Do this for all of the program and hit 2 and then it stitches all the bits you want together and ditches the rest. Result. You can even fine step the marks with 4 and 6. I've halved the amount of disk space my South Park collection is taking up. Result.